How many times have you promised yourself that you will get up early the next day and go to the gym? The night before always seems to be more promising than the actual morning when you wake up. The alarm goes off and you wish you can sleep for another 10 minutes but at the end it turns into never doing it at all. Sounds familiar?

While this happens to almost everyone, this should not stop you from taking action and really get into it. It is the long term results that really matters and if you stick to your plan from the beginning, you can be there in no time. Every day that you delay going to the gym or just going for a run, stops you from getting there faster.

The more you know how to prevent the excuses you will make, the better your diet and exercise plans get executed. The reason why most people do not start a diet and exercise plan is because they do not know what can hold them back. The wrong eating habits combined with exercises will get you absolutely nowhere. You can try and work out daily but nothing will ever produce the proper results you are after.


So many people think that exercise is the only key to really transforming the body, but it is essential that a healthy diet can increase your metabolism and therefore help you burn more fat quicker and longer. Working out alone can’t guarantee real results and it is crucial to have diet and exercise plans ready for maximum exposure. That is why I recommend to use interval training combined with a stable diet plan that can generate the ultimate guideline to a perfect body.

The ultimate diet and exercise plans : Diet plans

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*Do not fall into the generic pattern of eating three meals a day. Allow yourself to consume six smaller meals throughout the day with a combination of fibre, protein and good carbohydrates. Believe it or not, but the more you feed your body the right food, the more it will burn off.

*Make sure you stay away from processed carbohydrates like white bread and pasta. Although it is delicious and fills you up really quickly, it also releases a lot of sugar and your body will store it in areas that you don’t want it to be. This will only delay your outcome and make you more frustrated when you don’t see any changes.

*Experiment with different colours in vegetables and fruit when going to the supermarket. The more colourful, the better. Make a list of all them all and choose a certain day to buy a certain colour. This will not just help your diet in an extraordinary way, but will make it fun it the process as well.Exercise plans

*Interval training- More and more people have revealed that adjusting your body to do intervals with running, cycling, rowing etc. forces it to burn off more calories quicker. The difference between marathons and interval training is time. You will get much faster results with interval training if your body has to adapt to the constant change of speed you apply.


*It has been proven that if you do one thing well for more than 21 days, it will become a second nature to your mind and body. This is why the diet and exercise plans play such a big role in your daily lifestyle. The combination will allow you to eventually become consistent. So plan the next 3 weeks properly and only concentrate on completing that task. Don’t think about anything else that can distract you from achieving your goal.

*You don’t have to work out more than 3 times a week to look good. If your diet and exercise plans are well balanced, then there is no need to spend more time in the gym then necessary. It is always good to have set days for workouts and rest time. Mondays, Wednesdays And Fridays can be the ideal days for exercises and the rest for recovering.

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